9 best Japanese restaurants in Los Angeles 2023

9 best Japanese restaurants in Los Angeles 2023 – While L.A’s. dedication to sushi and ramen are so outrageous you’d believe they’re the main kind of Japanese cooking around, the immense range of grill, shabu, soba and kaiseki are similarly worth looking at whenever you’re in the temperament for a sample of Japan. Considering both old top choices and more current problem areas, as well as cost, we’ve gathered together the city’s best Japanese cafés. This rundown is as similarly helpful for your next exceptional event as it is your next comfortable dinner out in running pants — so cheer up in the way that indeed, four-dollar-sign transportive sushi and alcohol bound izakayas show up, yet food court top choices and South Bay mother and-pop shops do, too.


Best for: Once-in-a-lifetime kaiseki

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This two-Michelin-star supper at ROW DTLA could require a caution to get a table, yet the opportunity to encounter the transportive force of a feast at Brandon Go’s seven-seat counter is more than worth the problem. Wonderful show and a-list level of accuracy and procedure are applied all through the feast. Since readiness by Go and his little group happens simply simple feet away, this personal culinary specialist’s table experience summons every one of the faculties for a conventional, consistently evolving fish driven kaiseki feast that differs with the climate, seasons and anything that’s freshest at market. “best Japanese restaurants in Los Angeles”


Best for: Once-in-a-lifetime California kaiseki

Niki Nakayama’s cutting edge kaiseki eatery of two Michelin star and Chef’s Table notoriety on Netflix is an irreplaceable piece of the Japanese high end food scene (as well as one of the city’s most costly cafés). While the bloodsport-level work to catch reservations could switch off numerous possible cafes, a feast at n/naka is a multi-tactile encounter that, for better or for more regrettable, satisfies everyone’s expectations. The 13-course occasional fish feast (with an extra choice for veggie lovers) enjoyments and even relieves across each perspective, for a kaiseki experience that mixes customary Japanese flowing with a particularly contemporary and female reasonableness. “best Japanese restaurants in Los Angeles”

Sushi Gen

Best for: Traditional sushi

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This Little Tokyo sushi café has been a clique #1 among L.A’s. fanatic sushi fans for quite a long time. The principal draw? A $23 work day lunch exceptional, complete with a rainbow of sashimi, soup, salad and rice. For a faster table (yet a marginally higher bill), head here during the night, when you’ll be compensated for holding up with new halibut, greasy fish, ocean imp, monkfish liver, scallops and shellfish, all in a brilliantly peaceful, wood framed sushi bar setting. Simply mind the standards: no private gadget use while feasting, and ensure your entire party is available to get situated. “best Japanese restaurants in Los Angeles”

Nozawa Bar

Best for: Special event omakase

There may be numerous brilliant omakases in Los Angeles, however none convey as much greatness, tomfoolery and worth as this Michelin-featured sushi counter secret toward the rear of Sugarfish Beverly Hills. The menu messes around with custom, however you’re actually left confused toward the finish of the feast, which normally times in at a little more than two hours — a speedier dinner, in a manner of speaking, in high end food terms. In that time period, you’ll end up submerged in a cornucopia of flavors and surfaces, beginning with something like a rich, strong piece of Santa Barbara uni and a sashimi threesome comprising of Japanese octopus, New Zealand shrimp and delicious bluefin fish. “best Japanese restaurants in Los Angeles”


Best for: Tsukemen and tonkotsu

Much ink has been poured out over Tsujita’s tsukemen, whose plunging stock shows up independently from the noodles. Stans wax graceful about how kurobuta pork bones are stewed for close to 60 hours to make the plunging stock, how the noodles are thick, chewy and thick, and how the hang tight for a seat can vacillate broadly (except if you’re feasting solo, in which case you’ll for the most part be situated in less than 15 minutes). Get the job done to say, in an uncommon example of promotion satisfying reality, all that ink drains valid: This is the best tsukemen in the city, whether you’re feasting at its unique area, the Annex across the road — which offers a marginally unique stock — or its more up to date areas in Fairfax and Glendale. Tsujita is the ramenya which you’ll everlastingly come close all others, causing you a deep sense of shame. Put your name down and pause. It’ll be worth the effort. “best Japanese restaurants in Los Angeles”

Sushi Ginza Onodera

Best for: Once-in-a-lifetime omakase

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Edomae-style sushi isn’t especially rare in L.A., yet you’d be unable to find it at a similar degree of fame as this West Hollywood sushi bar named for (and starting from) the best area in Tokyo. The nigiri-forward omakase — the most costly of its sort in Los Angeles — moves past 20 courses, each nibble zeroed in on unquestionably great fish that has been brushed with soy, delicately tempura-battered or served in a pool of ponzu. Obviously, this crude fish dominance doesn’t come modest: An omakase here will impair you $400 — a lavish expenditure worth making for probably the best sushi in L.A. “best Japanese restaurants in Los Angeles”

Marugame Monzo

Best for: Udon

This Little Tokyo noodle shop offers the city’s best dishes of the thick, chewy wheat-based noodles, in addition to entrancing sights of noodle-getting activity through the kitchen’s image window. Behind an enormous glass, the udon expert will carry out the mixture and cut endlessly strands of the thick, chewy noodles for each request. The conventional dishes are perfect here; attempt the hot kitsune udon finished off with broiled tofu, or the cool plum shiso bukkake udon. For a tomfoolery blend of Japanese and Italian cooking styles, go for the well known miso carbonara udon. Simply be ready to pause: As the no doubt best udon shop in Los Angeles, top supper time can make groups of gatherings line right down the block. “best Japanese restaurants in Los Angeles”


Best for: Izakaya passage

Named the “most rich izakaya in Little Tokyo” by the late Jonathan Gold, this upscale reservation-just supper spot in Honda Plaza offers a little yet flawlessly made menu of exceptional dishes that go past the typical sushi, udon and ramen. However they’re known for their singed uni, wanton bone marrow dengaku and thick cut meat tongue, each dish gets profoundly thought-out connoisseur treatment, from basic things like ochazuke made with housemade dashi stock to more extravagant entrées like curry rice, which Kinjiro redesigns with a cushion delicate hamburger tongue. An enormous purpose determination, as well as a couple of wines, guarantees burger joints get a full izakaya experience. “best Japanese restaurants in Los Angeles”


Best for: Soba and tempura

“best Japanese restaurants in Los Angeles” – In the event that ramen is the drama queen in the group of noodles, soba is the wheat-based assortment’s more refined cousin. The fragile, marginally nutty kind of the buckwheat-based strands, in addition to the expertise the staff places into the creation of each string, makes this South Bay shop an objective Japanese noodle spot across all of L.A. However perfectionists will let you know that the most effective way to partake in these noodles is plain or zaru — served cold close by an umami-rich plunging sauce — we really favor the ten zaru: an update with the expansion of light, fresh tempura as an afterthought. For best inspecting, request their blend lunch or tempura omakase set supper: the occasional omakase normally incorporates sashimi, chawanmushi (exquisite egg custard), that ethereal tempura and a little bowl of soba or udon. However, in the event that you’re only here for that tempura — indeed, they even have a tempura kaiseki. “best Japanese restaurants in Los Angeles”

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