Top 9 Best Boarding Schools in the World 2023

Best Boarding Schools in the World – Life experience school is the most ideal choice for youngsters whose guardians have occupied plans. With regards to training, your youngsters merit all that, which can be conveyed by the best life experience schools on the planet.

The 9 best live-in schools on the planet give top notch customized showing through little class estimates and have an incredible harmony among scholastics and extra-curricular exercises.

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Enlisting your youngster in a live-in school offer him/her the potential chance to become familiar with some life adapting abilities while approaching top-quality training.

Understudies signed up for live-in schools partake in a ton of advantages like less interruption, staff understudy connections, confidence, extracurricular exercises, using time productively e.t.c.

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What is a Boarding School?

“Best Boarding Schools in the World” An all inclusive school is an organization where understudies reside inside the premises of the school while being given proper guidance. “Boarding” signifies housing and feasts.

Most live-in schools use House System – where some employees are designated as housemasters or housemistresses to deal with understudies in their home or residence.

Understudies in life experience schools review and live inside the school climate during scholarly term or year, and return to their families during occasions.

Top 9 Boarding Schools in the World 2023

1. Phillips Academy Andover

  • Type: Co-ed, autonomous auxiliary school
  • Grade Level: 9-12, Postgraduate
  • Educational cost: $66,290
  • Area: Andover, Massachusetts, US

Phillips Academy is an autonomous, coeducation auxiliary day and life experience school established in 1778.

It has in excess of 1,000 understudies, including 872 boarding understudies from in excess of 41 states and 47 nations.

Phillips Academy offers in excess of 300 courses with 150 electives. It offers liberal training to its understudies to set them up for life on the planet.

Phillips Academy offers awards to understudies with monetary requirements. Infact, Phillips Academy is one of only a handful of exceptional free schools to meet 100 percent of every understudy’s shown monetary need.”Best Boarding Schools in the World”

2. The Hotchkiss School

  • Type: Co-ed tuition based school
  • Grade Level: 9 – 12 and Postgraduate
  • Educational cost: $65,490
  • Area: Lakeville, Connecticut, United States

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The Hotchkiss School is a confidential boarding and day school established in 1891. It is one of the top confidential secondary schools in New England.

The Hotchkiss School has in excess of 620 understudies from in excess of 38 states and 31 nations.

Hotchkiss gives an encounter based schooling. It offers 200+ scholastic courses in seven divisions.

The Hotchkiss School gives more than $12.9m in monetary guide. Infact, over 30% of Hotchkiss understudies get monetary guide.”Best Boarding Schools in the World”

3. Choate Rosemary Hall

  • Type: Co-ed, private, school private academy
  • Grade Level: 9 – 12, Postgraduate
  • Educational cost: $64,820
  • Area: Wallingford, Connecticut, United States

Choate Rosemary Hall was established in 1890 as The Choate School for young men and became co-instructive in 1974. It is an autonomous boarding and day school for gifted understudies.

Choate Rosemary Hall offers more than 300+ courses in 6 different review regions. At Choate, understudies and educators gain from each other in genuine and dynamic ways.

Every year, over 30% of understudies get need-based monetary guide. In the 2021-22 scholarly year, Choate dedicated about $13.5m to monetary guide.”Best Boarding Schools in the World”

4. Groton School

  • Type: Co-ed, tuition based school
  • Grade Level: 8 – 12
  • Educational cost: $59,995
  • Area: Groton, Massachusetts, US

Groton School is a confidential co-instructive day and live-in school established in 1884. 85% of its understudies are boarding understudies.

Groton School offers various scholastic courses in 11 divisions. With a Groton schooling, you will think basically, talk and compose obviously, reason quantitatively, and figure out how to grasp the encounters of others.

Starting around 2007, Groton School has postponed educational cost and different expenses for families with wages under $80,000.”Best Boarding Schools in the World”

5. Phillips Exeter Academy

  • Type: Co-ed, autonomous school
  • Grade Level: 9 – 12, Postgraduate
  • Educational cost: $61,121
  • Area: Exeter, United States

Phillips Exeter Academy is a co-instructive free boarding and day school helped to establish by John and Elizabeth Phillips in 1781.

Exeter offers in excess of 450 courses in 18 branches of knowledge. It has the biggest secondary school library on the planet.

At Exeter, understudies learn through the Harkness technique – an understudy driven way to deal with learning, made in 1930 at Phillips Exter Academy.

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Phillips Exeter Academy dedicates $25 million to monetary help. 47% of understudies get monetary guide.”Best Boarding Schools in the World”

6. Eton College

  • Type: Public school, young men as it were
  • Grade Level: from Year 9
  • Educational cost: £14,698 per term
  • Area: Windsor, Berkshire, England, United Kingdom

Established in 1440, Eton College is a public life experience school for young men ages 13 to 18. Eton is the biggest live-in school in England, with in excess of 1350 understudies.

Eton College offers perhaps of the best scholarly program, alongside a wide co-educational plan intended to elevate greatness and chances to take an interest.

In the 2020/21 scholarly year, 19% of understudies got monetary help and around 90 understudies pay no expenses by any stretch of the imagination. Every year, Eton commits about £8.7 million to monetary guide.”Best Boarding Schools in the World”

7. Harrow School

  • Type: Public school, young men just school
  • Educational cost: £14,555 per term
  • Area: Harrow, England, United Kingdom

Harrow School is a full life experience school for young men matured 13 to 18, established in 1572 under a Royal Charter conceded by Elizabeth I.

Harrow educational program is partitioned into the Shell year (Year 9), the GCSE year (Remove and Fifth Form), and the Sixth Form.

Every year, Harrow School offers implies tried bursaries and grants.”Best Boarding Schools in the World”

8. Lawrenceville School

  • Type: Co-ed private academy
  • Grade Level: 9 – 12
  • Educational cost: $73,220
  • Area: New Jersey, United States

Lawrenceville School is a co-instructive preliminary boarding and day school situated in the Lawrenceville part of Lawrence Township, in Mercer County, New Jersey, United States.

The school utilizes the Harkness learning technique – a conversation based study hall model. It offers a ton of scholastic courses in 9 divisions.

Lawrenceville School offers grants to qualified understudies. Every year, around 33% of our understudies get need-based monetary guide.”Best Boarding Schools in the World”

9. St. Paul’s School

  1. Type: Co-ed, school preliminary
  2. Grade Level: 9 – 12
  3. Educational cost: $62,000
  4. Area: Concord, New Hampshire

St. Paul School was established in 1856 as a young men just school. It is a co-instructive school private academy situated in Concord, New Hampshire,

St. Paul School offers scholastic courses in 5 areas of review: humanities, math, sciences, dialects, religion, and artistic expression.

In the 2020-21 scholastic year, St. Paul School granted $12 million in monetary guide to north of 200 understudies. 34% of its understudy body got monetary guide in the 2021-22 scholarly year.

{Update} Below are the 59 best boarding schools in the world

1 Phillips Academy Andover Andover, Massachusetts, United States
2 The Hotchkiss School Salisbury, Connecticut, United States
3 Choate Rosemary Hall Wallingford, Connecticut, United States
4 Groton School Groton, Massachusetts, United States
5 Phillips Exeter Academy Exeter, New Hampshire, United States
6 Eton College Windsor, United Kingdom
7 Harrow School Harrow, United Kingdom
8 The Lawrenceville School New Jersey, United States
9 St. Paul School Concord, Massachusetts, United States
10 Deerfield Academy Deerfield, Massachusetts, United States
11 Noble and Greenough School Dedham, Massachusetts, United States
12 Concord University Concord, Massachusetts, United States
13 The Loomis Chaffee School Windsor, Connecticut, United States
14 Milton Academy Milton, Massachusetts, United States
15 Cate School Carpinteria, California, United States
16 Wycombe Abbey School Wycombe, United Kingdom
17 Middlesex School Concord, Massachusetts, United States
18 The Thacher School Ojai, California, United States
19 St Paul’s School London, United Kingdom
20 Cranbook School Cranbook, Kent, United Kingdom
21 Sevenoaks School Sevenoaks, United Kingdom
22 Peddie School Hightstown, New Jersey, United States
23 St. Andrews School Middletown, Delaware, United States
24 Brighton College Brighton, United Kingdom
25 Rudby School Hutton, Rudby, United Kingdom
26 Radley College Abingdon, United Kingdom
27 St. Albans School St. Albans, United Kingdom
28 St. Mark’s School Southborough, Massachusetts, United States
29 Webb Schools Claremont, California, United States
30 Ridley College St. Catharines, Canada
31 The Taft School Watertown, Connecticut, United Kingdom
32 Winchester College Winchester, Hampshire, United Kingdom
33 Pickering College Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
34 Cheltenham Ladies’s College Cheltenham, United Kingdom
35 Thomas Jefferson Academy Louisville, Georgia, United States
36 Brentwood College School Mill Bay, British Columbia, Canada
37 Tonbridge School Tonbridge, United Kingdom
38 Institul Auf Dem Rosenberg St. Gallen, Switzerland
39 Bodwell High School North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
40 Fulford Academy Brockville, Canada
41 TASIS The American School in Switzerland Collina d`Oro, Switzerland
42 Mercersburg Academy Mercersburg, Pennslyvania, United States
43 Kent School Kent, Connecticut, United States
44 oakham School Oakham, United Kingdom
45 Upper Canada College Toronto, Canada
46 College Apin Beau Soleil Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland
47 Leysin American School in Switzerland Leysin, Switzerland
48 Bishop’s College School Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
49 Aiglon College Ollon, Switzerland
50 Branksome Hall Toronto, Ontario, Canada
51 Brillantmont International School Lausanne, Switzerland
52 College du Leman International School Versoix, Switzerland
53 Bronte College Mississauga, Switzerland
54 Oundle School Oundle, United Kingdom
55 Emma Williard School Troy, New York, United States
56 Trinity College School Port Hope, Ontario, Canada
57 Ecole d’ Humanite Halisberg, Switzerland
58 St. Stephen’s Episcopal School Texas, United States
59 Hackley School Tarrytown, New York, United States

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